What is a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?

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What is a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?

A Customer Service Representative is a person employed to answer the customer, either by phone or by instant messaging, social media or by email. Customer service representatives may also be called contact centre advisors or call centre agents. They are the frontline staff in the call or contact centre.

A customer service representative can be referred to by other roles, such as agent, specialist, and associate or customer advisor. The terminology is usually tailored to the job, and depends upon sector and the level of knowledge of the customer service representative.

There are different branches of customer service representatives, depending upon where the customer service is. A CSR meaning BPO is the Customer Service Representative for the business outsourcing side of the business. 

There is the telephone customer service representative, who works within the organisation on the telephone. Also there are field service customer repair representatives, such as those who enter our homes to repair items.

Another form of customer service representative is the in-store customer assistant. These vary from technology experts to customer assistants whose aim is to ensure you find the correct product.

Published On: 25th Nov 2016 - Last modified: 10th May 2022
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