Encourage Webchat Agents to not be too Robotic

Here is a good idea to better engage your webchat agents in their work, while also improving the customer experience.

It is easy for webchat agents to fall into the habit of using the same copy and paste responses when talking to your customers – often making them appear robotic and uncaring.

To overcome this, you should encourage your agents to act more freely in their conversations. Train them to think outside the box, be themselves and look out for cues which will help them build better rapport.

Asking customers if they would like to hear an (appropriate) joke, or wishing them good luck in their new home if they are contacting you to change their address, will go a long way in creating a fun, memorable (and maybe even tweet-able) experience.

Published On: 2nd Feb 2016 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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