The Majority of Contact Centres Distinguish an Agent Rating of 4 from a 5

More participants in our poll, 37%, said that they did distinguish the difference between a customer rating of four versus a five, when scoring an agent, than those who do not, 35%. This was disregarding the 28% of contact centre professionals surveyed who answered “Not Sure”.

One contact centre that we know of even phones up any customer that rated an agent as anything less than the highest number possible, to find out what more the company could have done.

Poll – “Do you distinguish the difference between why a customer rated your agent a 4 versus a 5?” – answers

Yes – 37%
No – 35%
Not Sure – 28%

Source: Call Centre Helper Webinar Poll – The Right Words and Phrases to Use With a Customer     Sample size – 97     Date: February 2017

Published On: 17th Mar 2017 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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