Recorded Webinar: Emerging Technologies to Engage with Consumers

There are new exciting Customer Technologies that are just about to hit the mainstream. But with all the hype about Artificial Intelligence they have not been getting a lot of airplay.

In this webinar we looked at Emerging Customer Technologies and how they will impact the Contact Centre.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Richard Snow, Ventana Research
Webinar Slides: Emerging Technologies to Engage with Consumers by Richard Snow

Click here to view the slides


  • Richard Snow, Ventana Research
  • Tracy Hendy, Puzzel
  • Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper

Topics to be discussed

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • The Internet of Things
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Questions and Answers from the Audience
  • Winning tip – “ChatBot for us also helps to make people aware that they can self serve on the website” thanks to Sarah.

Original Webinar date: Thursday 1st February 2018

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