What Is The Best Way To Increase Agent Satisfaction? – In 140 Characters


We asked our Twitter panel “What is the best way to increase agent satisfaction?”

Carolyn Blunt@CarolynBlunt


Listen to your agents! What are their biggest bugbears? It could be rubbish systems, grubby headsets or lack of praise. Ask!

PCMS Call Centre@PCMSCallCentre


Regular 121s and feedback help. Also don’t shy away from agent satisfaction surveys, it’s important to know their opinion.

Ultra Communications@UltraComms


Whenever possible, give high achieving agents some time off from the phones to reward them for their hard work.



Making sure you reward your agents for performing well is a sure-fire way to increase agent satisfaction.


NewVoiceMedia @NewVoiceMedia
Give your agents the tools they need to do a great job by ensuring you have the most up-to-date #cctr solution available.

Dougie Cameron@addzestDougie


Treat your agents with respect. Listen to them, act on their feedback and ask them to help shape the future of your contact centre.



Use metrics to identify where agents need training or support.



Training to prepare them well. Praise and recognition. The chance to learn and grow.



Provide the questions instead of the answers and encourage your agents to find the answer for themselves.

Enghouse Interactive@EnghouseInterac


Empower agents to solve complex interactions. Also measure outcomes – not time!



Talk to your agents! It boosts morale and builds stronger and more meaningful relationships.



Give them the tools that help them do their job properly #technology!

JABRA UK&I@JabraBusiness


Give them the right kit. Good quality headsets can make agents more efficient and also boost customer satisfaction.

Magnetic North@MN_Cloud


Ensure agents have the caller’s history at their fingertips – with all the information they need for a successful resolution.



Encourage peer support. When agents become recognised for their skills and knowledge, others can tap into this.



Build relationships with your agents and make sure they know you care about them – that’s how you increase agent satisfaction.

Enghouse Interactive@EnghouseInterac


Empower your agents to self-serve and you’ll see them change from menial task managers to customer service superheroes.

Business Systems@BSLHQ


Allow agents to be actively involved in the scheduling and planning of resources – e.g. shift swaps and holiday bookings.

Magnetic North@MN_Cloud


Listen to your agents. Set up forums where their input, ideas and feedback are recorded and acted upon accordingly.

EvaluAgent ‏@evaluagent


Free up managers to spend time coaching and mentoring agents. This really should be their highest priority.



Make it easier for your agents by providing them with a single view of all customer data from multiple systems.

Rostrvm Solutions@rostrvm


Agents are the ears of your business and know all of your customer process problems. Listen to your agents and act.

What do you think are the best ways to increase agent satisfaction?

Tweet your answers in 140 characters @callcentrehelp, or comment below.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 25th Feb 2015 - Last modified: 18th Feb 2022
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  • Lighten up – While maintaining a professional environment it is important to relax, smile and enjoy your day. When you enjoy your day you are more productive. Not taking yourself to seriously while maintaining focus is important and will help you to achieve your goals. It is said that there are two types of leaders, the one who wants to be your best friend and the hard nose no nonsense leader. Straying to far left or right has its own consequences. If you are everyone’s best friend, you run the risk of people taking the task at hand with a casual approach when the situation arises that you need more production from the team it may be difficult to bring them back to a place of focus. If you are the hard no nonsense leader you run the risk of creating an environment motivated by tension, people may feel suppressed. This may lead to resentment and effect production in a negative way. Finding a medium or middle of the road approach is the most effective. Maintaining professionalism, keeping focus on the task at hand is my preferred way to ensure that all are the most productive.

    Laramie 2 Feb at 00:05