Top 20 Examples of Rapport Building Statements

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We asked our Twitter panel “What are the best words and phrases for building Rapport?” and have put together their top examples for what statements customer service agents can use to establish rapport.

Sample Rapport Statements For Customer Service

Carolyn Blunt, VP Davies Academy at Davies,

1. “How Are You Today?”, “How Is Your Day Going?

Incorporating questions about the customers day into the call, shows genuine interest in the other person means, and encourages them to engage more openly in the conversation.

Contributed by: Carolyn Blunt

2. “Your Order”, “Your Query”, “Your Issue”

Talking on a personal level can help build rapport. Using “your” shows that the customers concerns are important and validates their experience.

Contributed by: Magnetic North

3. “Right, Let’s Get This Issue Fixed…”

This statement conveys a positive and can do attitude, gain a customer’s confidence, and show that you’re on the case.

Contributed by: Genesys

Beverley Mullard (Previously ‘Hughes’), a respected voice within the contact centre community

4. “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry”

By saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’, you are showing that you are polite which brings a comfort to the customer making them feel valued and respected.

Contributed by: Beverley Mullard

5. “We’ll Look Into This Immediately”

Telling the customer you will act immediately shows that you recognise the urgency of the matter. Make sure you keep the customer informed and provide a quick resolution.

Contributed by: Vonage

6. “I Can Help” OR “I Will Take Care of That”

Customers want to be firmly assured. Phrases like “I can help or “I will take care of that” can achieve this.

Contributed by: Magnetic North

7. “I Can’t Imagine How Stressful It Is…”

Using this statement helps you to easily build rapport with your customers by expressing genuine empathy.

Contributed by: Genesys

8. I’ll Sort That For You Immediately”

Richard McCrossan

This suggests that the customers request is a priority and will be dealt with urgently.

9. “We Thank You For Letting Us Know About This”

This shows that customer feedback is taken seriously and makes them feel valued.

Contributed by: Richard McCrossan

10. “I Understand”

The statement ‘I understand’ validates the customers experience and makes them feel heard and respected. This can help diffuse tension and frustration.

Contributed by: Steve Morgan

11. “I’m Really Sorry About This, I’ll Get It Sorted For You”, “Can You Tell Me Your Account # and I’ll Have a Look For You”

Offering to ‘get it sorted’ shows ownership and accountability and that you are willing to find a solution. It can build trust and confidence in the company.

Contributed by: Emz

12. “I’m On Your Side, However We Should Find a Solution Right Now Which Is…”

Using WE is important to build rapport especially when suggesting solutions as it creates a sense of being on their side and working together.

Contributed by: Mocca, a Call Centre Helper reader

13. “Good [Morning/Afternoon/Evening], This Is [Your Name] Speaking. How Can I Make Your Day Easier?”

Starting the call with a friendly and positive greeting sets a welcoming tone. By asking ‘how can I make your day easier’ shows the customer that you are focused on meeting their needs.

Jonty Pearce Founder of Call Centre Helper
Jonty Pearce

14. “Hello! You’re Speaking With [Your Name] From [Company Name]. How Can I Provide You With Excellent Service Today?”

Introducing yourself with a phrase like this makes you seem friendly, approachable and polite. It personalises the interaction and sets a positive tone for the rest of the call, making it easier to establish rapport.

15. “Once We’ve Resolved This Issue, I’ll Follow up With You to Ensure Everything is Working Smoothly.”

This statement builds rapport as it shows a genuine care and reassurance that their issue is will get fixed. By following up you are building trust and creating a relationship with the customer.

Contributed by: Jonty Pearce

16. “Do You Mind Holding 2-3 Minutes While I Research or Process Your Request?”

By doing this, you are asking the caller permission to hold, you are giving them a reason for the hold, and your providing them an attainable timeframe for the hold.

Contributed by: Brian Pratt

17. “I Will Fix This Issue For You”

By letting them know that “I” will fix that issue, you are connecting on a more personal level and that you are taking ownership of the problem.

Contributed by: Britney

18. “No Worries, I Will Help You Get This Issue Resolved”

By using ‘will’ you are installing confidence in the customer that you can help them.

Contributed by: Melissa Radcliff

19. “It Would Be Hard For Me To Understand How You Feel, But I Can Tell You That I Care…”

Acknowledging their emotions and saying that you care validates their feelings and builds trust. It helps create a connection and shows genuine interest in the customers well being.

Contributed by: James, a Call Centre Helper reader

20. “Is There Anything Else I Can Help You With?”

The last sentence at the end of the call leaves the essential ‘long lasting impression’ among the customers. By asking if there is anything else you can help with allows the customer to raise any other concerns or questions they may have, ensuring a thorough resolution to their issues.

Contributed by: Biju Jose

These sample rapport statements are great examples to show simple ways you can use words and phrases in customer service to start establishing rapport. For more articles on rapport building, why not also have a look at:

Author: Megan Jones
Reviewed by: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Nov 2014 - Last modified: 19th Apr 2024
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  • As someone who spends a great deal of time helping customers via Twitter, I’ve always found to just be totally human.

    Granted many of the customers are younger, tech savvy and understand all the latest jargon so this is a little easier.

    It becomes a bit of a conversation.

    Saying “hi”, “really sorry about this, I’ll get it sorted for you”, “can you tell me your account # and i’ll have a look for you”

    It’s not the place to be formal at all, and unless you really have to, don’t go over one tweet. If you think it’s going to need a few, try and get the customer to send a direct message. It is much easier to keep control of.

    Bear in mind this is a business that may answer 100+ customers per hour just via Twitter.

    Always keep in mind that it is a public forum. Everything needs to be right.

    Emz 24 Mar at 05:56
  • I’m on your side however we should find a solution right now which is…….
    using WE is very important to build rapport

    Mocca 1 Apr at 14:37
  • You have a great name works for me. ^_^

    Emmy 11 May at 11:20
  • Great tips the one most people overlook is your appearance, we still reside in a judgemental society. Part of your charm is your appearance. The other is away greet with a smile you want all customers to feel that each purchase is an welcoming experience.

    Sunie 29 Nov at 13:58
  • This will really help me to improve my skills!!!

    Janeth Alberca 18 Nov at 11:06
  • I find that using “I” is on a more personal and connective level than using “We”. After all, there is only you and the customer on the line. Let them know that “I” will fix that issue for them. Ownership ownership ownership is key

    Britney 22 Dec at 14:23
  • How can I put a big smile on your face? That’s a big impact to the customer.

    Carl Heinz Ocampo 8 Feb at 21:25
  • It would be hard for me to understand how you feel, but I can tell you that “I care…”

    James 4 May at 16:46