Articles - Empathy

A selection of articles about empathy, one of the most important skills that an agent should have.

Understand your Customer on paper
3 Steps to Better Understanding Your Customers
How to Handle Contacts From Challenging Customers
rapport on chalkboard
27 Effective Ways to Build Rapport With Customers
Apologise for the Inconvenience - Say Sorry
10 Alternative Ways to Say: “Sorry for the Inconvenience Caused”
Alternatives to “Sorry for the Inconvenience”
10 Customer Service Behaviours for Contact Centre Agents
10 Customer Service Behaviours Every Contact Centre Agent Should Have
Sticks with customer loyalty program on an office table.
7 Key Ideas for Winning Customer Loyalty
A photo of female Asian supervisor training work with telemarketing customer service agent team in call centre
How to Coach Empathy in the Contact Centre – With Three Training Exercises
A vector illustration of a person with a speech bubble
Professional Language for Customer Service
dog rests gently on his master's shoulder while looking the view
An Action Plan for Customer Empathy
Dog and human sharing empathetic connection
26 Great Techniques for Showing Real Empathy in Customer Service
A photo of someone holding the letters "EQ"
Emotional Intelligence FAQs Answered by an Expert
Rapport Building With Angry Customers – With Examples
A picture of arrows going through a wall
10 Strategies for Overcoming Objection Handling in Sales
Apologising for the inconvenience, I'm Sorry
“Sorry for the Inconvenience” – How to Offer a Genuine Apology
A photo of smiling contact centre advisor making a point
Customer Service Skills: How to Improve Empathy, Active Listening and Knowledge
Lots of question marks on multicolour sheets
17 Probing Questions to Improve Your Customer Service
A photo of a person sticking their tongue out to make a rude gesture
How to Deal With Rude Customers
Portrait of call center worker accompanied by her team.
The Top 10 Most Important Customer Service Skills
frustrated young woman wearing microphone headset dressed in shirt sitting at her workplace at the office,
How to Deal With Difficult Customers
Group of business people and software developers working as a team
13 Things Every Contact Centre Advisor Needs to Know
The word sorry is etched onto a piece of wood, clipped to a clothes line
16 Customer Service Apology Statements
Customer Journey Mapping: Empathy Maps
holding mr smith sign
“Dear Valued Customer” – 12 Steps to Writing a Great Customer Letter