Games Ideas for An Office Olympic Themed Incentive

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Games Ideas for An Office Olympic Themed Incentive

Hi All just thought I would share some different ideas we have collated and used for an Olympic themed incentive in the contact centre.

Opening Ceremony – Best decorated Bank wins – each team picks a country out of the hat to represent and decorates their bank to that theme.

100m RC Race – Using 1 or 2 remote controlled cars race around a predefined course in the office, top 3 fastest times win

Discus Hoopla – Using the hoopla set 3 highest scores win. (in the event of a tie there will be a hoopla off)

Paper Aeroplane Javelin – Each team must create a paper plane made only of paper A3 or smaller. Nominated person stands on the line and furthest planes win

Archery – Throwing paper balls into waste paper baskets at different distances top 3 win

Synchronised office chair swivel – (my favourite) Needs no real introduction just someone/people to judge

RC Long Jump – Furthest jump in a RC car on a home made ramp

Shooting – If you have whiteboards you can use the toy guns that shoot the sticky bullets, these work very well on whiteboards.

Boxing & Volley Ball – You would need a WII or X Box for this.

Table Tennis – You can by a set online which gives you a net, 3 balls and two bats that you can use on a normal office table, got mine for £2.49

Triathlon – A combination of 3 events, starting with the 100m RC race, followed by 10ft Shooting and finished with Bin archery.

Rock, Paper, Scissors judo – explains itself.

Hope these help and i would welcome other suggestions for some fun office safe game ideas.

By Lclarke

Olympics Rubber Band Flicking Competition

Great ideas. How about an Olympics rubber band flicking Competition?

You would just need a start line and see how far you can flick a rubber band.

With thanks to Jonty

Office Olympics Game Ideas

We have now written some great articles on office Olympics games ideas:

How to set up an Olympics-based call centre game

Preparing your call centre for the Olympics

We also have several games articles which could be adapted for office Olympics such as our Motivational Games for Call Centres 

With thanks to Rachael

10 Fun Office Olympic Games

This article shows how you can run an Office Olympics competition: 10 Fun Ways to make Office Olympics Games

It includes games such as:

  1. Synchronised office chair swivelling
  2. Hide celebrity masks around the contact centre
  3. Host a “sports” competition on a games console in the breakout room
  4. Host a country-themed pod-decorating competition

Have a read of the article for the other 6 games ideas!

With thanks to Jonty

If Flonkerton Isn’t Involved…

Also known as Paper-box Snow Shoe Racing!

Hoping this reference doesn’t fly over heads…

With thanks to Benjamin

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