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Here is a selection of articles about CX (Customer Experience), including what customer experience is, how it can be measured and improved upon.

7 Things That World-Class Contact Centres Do Well
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Mistakes to Avoid… Call and Contact Routing
Signposting – Reduce Your Average Handling Time (AHT) by 15 Seconds
Most Contact Centre Managers Call Their Own Contact Centre Every Month
Failure Demand – Reducing Cost and Improving the Customer Experience
The Emotional Side of Customer Experience
How Do I… Predict My Customers’ Behaviour?
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Really Understand Why Your Customers Are Contacting You
Call Control Could Knock 20 Seconds off Your Average Handling Time (AHT)
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Contact Centre Problem-Solving: 7 Steps to Improve Root-Cause Analysis
customer lifetime value
How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value – The Formula
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10 Top Tips for Running a Customer Focus Group
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7 Signs Your CRM System Is Outdated
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8 ‘Soft Skills’ Training Exercises
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Worst Mistakes to Avoid… Mapping the Customer Journey
21 Ways to Improve Complaints Handling in Your Contact Centre
The Do’s and Don’ts of Homeworking
8 Tips to Reduce Customer Service Contacts
50 Ideas to Transform Your Contact Centre
The Best Words to Rescue an Unhappy Customer Experience
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Are You Running a Great Multichannel Operation?
The Hidden Gems of Call Routing Software
How to Make a Product Company More Customer-Centric
Best-Practice Ideas for Improving Performance