The Top Stories of 2015


Here are our most popular articles of 2015.

Number 10.

Five Exercises for Contact Centre Agents

We shared some simple exercises you could try to help get everyone in your contact centre moving – even between calls!

The exercises could be carried out individually between calls, during a designated “team exercise break”, or as an organised activity before the first call of the day.

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Number 9.

How to Measure Call Abandon Rate

In this article we looked at how to calculate call abandonment rate in the contact centre.

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Number 8.

Five Signs Your Agents Don’t Care

We shared five red flags that suggest an agent just doesn’t care any more.

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Number 7.

Should Call Centre Agents Use Mobile Phones at Work?

Our readers shared their debates on the use of mobile phones on the contact centre floor.

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Number 6.

Silly Contact Centre Rules

We shared some examples of silly rules in your contact centre. This leads you on to being able to improve employee engagement.

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Number 5.

Twenty-One Top Tips for Reducing Average Handling Time

Our readers shared their tips on how to reduce your AHT.

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Number 4.

Forecasting Excel Template

To help with your call centre planning we developed a free forecasting template in Excel.

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Number 3.

How to Calculate Contact Centre Service Level

In this article we looked at the best methods to measure and calculate service level.

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Number 2.

Dear Valued Customer – How NOT to Write a Customer Service Letter

Through a series of real-life examples, we revealed the mistakes you should avoid when writing your next customer service letter.

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Number 1.

Positive Words to Increase Customer Satisfaction

To create a great customer experience in your contact centre we shared even more positive words and phrases.

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Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 16th Dec 2015 - Last modified: 23rd Mar 2020
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1 Comment
  • Perhaps it’s my 23 years in contact centres showing, but the excellent articles about “how to” and “signs of” weren’t targeted at me.

    So Number 6. Silly Contact Centre Rules was my favorite. I didn’t agree with all of those rules listed, but I enjoyed the comments greatly. Having good back and forth with people in the trenches is always enlightening, no matter how many years you’ve in contact centres.

    Kevin Brown 14 Dec at 17:41