The Top Stories of 2018


This year, we’ve published hundreds of articles on our site with the aim of helping you to boost your contact centre performance. 

Here are the top ten stories with the most page views in 2018. Enjoy!

Number 10.

12 Top Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Centre

We turned to our panel of experts to discuss the top uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the contact centre.

Views: 6,222

Number 9.

How to Calculate Attrition

Thoughtful woman sitting in the office with the collected personal things in a box

In this article, we investigated how to measure and calculate attrition rates in the contact centre.

Views: 6,359

Number 8.

Call Centre Quality Parameters: Creating the Ideal Scorecard and Metric

We discussed how to create contact centre quality scorecard, highlighting what elements of customer service should be included and how they should be weighted.

Views: 6,546

Number 7.

A Policy for Dealing With Angry and Abusive Customers

We offered advice for defining a policy for handling angry and abusive customers, while sharing steps on how the contact centre can prepare itself for them.

Views: 7,015

Number 6.

Customer Service Apologies – Keeping Sorry Fresh and Sincere

In this article, we provided six key steps on how best to apologise to the customer and turn a negative customer experience into a positive.

Views: 7,545

Number 5.

10 Examples of Exceptional Customer Service

We searched far and wide for ten great examples of contact centre advisors really going above and beyond for the customer.

Views: 10,487

Number 4.

What Are the Industry Standards for Call Centre Metrics?

We identified the industry standards for key contact centre metrics and gave advice for both meeting and exceeding these standards.

Views: 13,042

Number 3.

The Best Call-Closing Statements

We asked our readers for their favourite call-closing statements and explored what it was that made them so special.

Views: 19,005

Number 2.

How to Calculate Occupancy

In this article, we investigated how to calculate occupancy in the contact centre, before sharing some critical advice for best using the metric.

Views: 24,167

Number 1.

Erlang C Formula – Made Simple With an Easy Worked Example

The Erlang C Formula

In this article, we entered into a technical discussion about the Erlang C formula, with easy steps to help you work through it.

Views: 33,276

What was your favourite story of 2018?

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Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 17th Dec 2018 - Last modified: 23rd Mar 2020
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