The Top Stories of 2019

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2019 has been another year where we’ve been privileged to share hundreds of articles with you, with lots of great ideas to boost your contact centre’s performance.

Here are the top ten stories, according to page views, that we’ve published in 2019. Enjoy!

Number 10. How to Coach Empathy in the Contact Centre – With Three Training Exercises

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In this article, we shared our advice for training advisors to use empathy in the contact centre, while providing a number of activities for doing so – as suggested by expert training consultant Jacqui Turner.

Views: 5,123


Number 9. How to Write a Customer Apology Letter – With an Example

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With the help of Neil Martin, a consultant that aims to help contact centres to write like human beings, we explored the fundamentals of saying sorry to a customer in a customer service letter.

Views: 4,910


Number 8. The Top 10 Most Important Customer Service Skills

Portrait of call center worker accompanied by her team.

In this article, we gave an overview of the most valuable skills of a contact centre advisor and how you can help to develop them – with insights from Kim Ellis, an experienced contact centre coach.

Views: 5,297


Number 7. How to Train Active Listening in the Contact Centre – With Four Exercises

Young smiling experienced operator of call center answering the question of his client

We shared four exercises to help train active listening in the contact centre, as recommended by Caroline Cooper, an accomplished trainer and consultant.

Views: 6,709


Number 6. Dealing With Vulnerable Customers

A teddy bear sits in a little wheelchair, with a leg in a bandage and plasters on its head

In this article, we explored how organizations can provide the best possible customer service to vulnerable customers, with the help of Jacqui Crawley, a specialist in this area.

Views: 7,645


Number 5. Replace Negative Words With Positive Alternatives for Customer Service

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We investigated those words and phrases that may seem harmless to use in customer service but have the potential to really ruin your emails, chats and letters – as recommended by Leslie O’Flahavan, a professional writing trainer and coach.

Views: 8,518


Number 4. How to Create a Contact Centre Quality Scorecard – With a Template Example

A panel of people holding up signs with 5 on them

We offered our advice for creating a contact centre quality assurance (QA) scorecard, including an Excel template example, with the help of Martin Jukes – an expert of all things contact centre and customer experience.

Views: 8,521


Number 3. The Best Power Words and Phrases to Use in Customer Service

In this article, we presented a number of great power words and phrases to use in customer service, while also including the thoughts of Sandra Thompson, an expert in understanding customer emotion and applying that to the customer experience.

Views: 9,304


Number 2. 25 Good Customer Feedback Examples

A photo of four people holding speech bubbles over their faces

In this article, we suggested numerous ways of obtaining customer feedback, with lots of great examples along the way of how brands are using each method.

Views: 11,981


Number 1. 9 Fun Customer Service Training Exercises

Business coach. Team leader teaches employees at a business meeting in a conference room.

We put forward nine tried and tested exercises that will help to inject some fun into your training sessions while improving key contact centre skills – as suggested by Caroline Cooper, who appears twice within our top ten list!

Views: 15,257


We hope that you found each of these stories, and all of the others published throughout the year, informative and that you were able to implement some of these ideas in your contact centre.

But stay tuned, as we look to create even more great articles in 2020. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss out!

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Published On: 23rd Dec 2019
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