What is an outbound call centre

What is an Outbound Call Centre?

An outbound call centre is a business activity where a collection of call centre agents make outgoing calls to prospective or existing customers. This activity is usually technology enabled – typically using a predictive dialler – so that large numbers of calls can be made per hour.

The most common uses of outbound call centres are:

  • Proactive customer service (e.g. informing of delays, problems, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Sales calls to new (prospective) customers
  • Renewals (sales calls to existing customers)
  • Cross-selling or up-selling sales calls to existing customers
  • Debt collection
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research
  • Appointment booking

Outbound dialling can be intrusive and there are a number of Outbound dialling issues and Dialler regulations to deal with.

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  1. Outbound call centers call clients and customers: eg. telemarketing, sales.

    Anna 5 May at 10:46 am