What is the Best Way to Handle a Complaint Through Social Media?



We asked our Twitter panel to answer “What is the best way to handle a complaint through social media?”

The Contact Company ‏@TCC_UK


Clue is in the question: “Handle” it. Be responsive, proactive & resolve it. Do *not* ignore it!

Genesys @Genesys_UK

genesys logo

It’s crucial that customers can see you’re trying to help – Reply to all enquiries, even if it’s just “DM me further about this”

**remember that you will need to be following your customer in order for them to Direct Message (DM) you.

Magnetic North ‏@MN_Cloud

Have management and escalation processes in place, just as you would any other complaint.

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems

Prioritise questions where you can be responsive: ‘what promotions are you running?’ ‘when is the store open?’

Richard McCrossan @dossan


DON’T push customers to your phone number or website – they probably already tried that!

Magnetic North ‏@MN_Cloud


Respond to complaints as quickly as possible, even if there is no immediate action you can take and it’s just to say sorry.


Sabio Sense ‏@sabiosense

Respond directly to the tweet, don’t just use a generic canned response.

Rostrvm Solutions ‏@rostrvm


Respond by phoning. It’s quicker, private, personal and effective. Close the loop with a ‘Thanks for taking my call’ note.

NewVoiceMedia ‏@NewVoiceMedia


Don’t delay in responding. Customers expect a quick response through social media #custserv

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems

Bring social in alongside existing telephony and CRM, that way agents will always be alerted to critical posts.

Genesys @Genesys_UK

genesys logo

Don’t ask customers to put in even more effort – try & resolve the problem instead of saying “come into the store and we’ll help”

Scorebuddy ‏@score_buddy


Use experienced agents who have autonomy and are well attuned to the high quality service required!

Richard McCrossan @dossan


Never EVER just delete complaints or negative comments on #socialmedia – this will only aggravate the customer even more!

What do you think is the best way to handle a complaint through social media?

Tweet your answers to @callcentrehelp

Published On: 23rd Apr 2014 - Last modified: 9th May 2022
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1 Comment
  • Never Ignore comments on Social Media, whether they be positive or negative. By acknowledging your followers, you are effectively showing them that they are valued to your business. The best way to respond to a customer complaint would be directly and preferably over the telephone if it was called for. Otherwise, through Social Media is fine for more people.

    Logicalware 16 Jul at 10:05 am
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