24 Quick-Fire Tips: How to to Improve Customer Satisfaction


Looking for some quick ideas on how to improve Customer Satisfaction?

Here are 24 quick-fire tips that have been submitted by our readers.

1.    Under-promise and over-deliver

An age-old edict: “never over-sell and under-deliver”. Make sure expectations of service levels are established, published and met consistently!

Thanks to Iain

presentation-1852.    Present a sample of customer complaints in team meetings

Get team members to present a sample of the customer complaints in the weekly team meetings.  This allows the team to review the problems faced and also feel engaged in the process of coming up with longer-term solutions

Thanks to Peter

3.    Respond more quickly to emails

With social media, this is the age of the instant answer.  A one-working-day turnaround for email is too slow!

Try to send a reply quickly – even if it is just to confirm you have received their email and set expectations for when they can get a proper reply.

4.    Let your unsatisfied customers guide you

Listen to those that are dissatisfied and act on their advice when it rings true. Find out as much detail as possible – maybe the problem started on Twitter and has now taken an email and 2 phonecalls.  How can you improve overall not just the end problem?

Thanks to John

5.    Be honest

Be honest, customers appreciate it! Listen to your customers and educate them for better understanding. You can engage them more if you let them see the bigger picture and the background of some of your decisions.

Thanks to Monika

6.    Let them see your smile

Be positive…Let them see your smile. A positive experience and a customer care representative that leaves a positive experience will go a long way.

Customers can hear in your voice that you are smiling – it’s hard for a lot of people to be angry when the person on the other end of the phone is happy.

Thanks to Cristie

heart-1857.    Put the customer at the heart of your decision

Put the customer at the heart of your decision and take a balanced approach.

Be focused on problem solving, not on the process.

Thanks to Norah

8.    Tone is very important

Always use positive words with a genuine interest for the customer’s needs.  Tone is so important with the customer not being able to see us.

Thanks to Michelle

9.    Allow the team to listen to and score their own calls

In a previous role I encouraged my team to listen and score their own calls.  This built buy-in to a predominantly uncomfortable coaching session by giving agents the opportunity to identify their own areas of improvement with customer satisfaction

Thanks to Julia

10.    Throw away the scripts

We have found that scrapping the script has had a huge positive impact, treating the customer as the individual that they are – talking to them like a fellow human being has seen us receive feedback for being friendly and approachable and is bringing people back time and again.

Thanks to Danielle

11.    Listen to customer feedback

Listen and read the customer feedback. Then, you can change your own behaviour if you see what customers are saying about you.

saying-no-18512.    Never say no to a customer

Our golden rule: never say no to a customer – if a Customer Service Rep can’t deliver a solution for the customer, they escalate this to their Team Lead, so strategically we can resolve the root cause.

If we ever have to say no, it’s a ‘Disney No’ – we turn a negative into a positive through freebies such as goodwill credit or free loyalty points.

Thanks to Kelvin

13.    Treat the customer as you would a friend or business partner

Take care of the customer end to end.  Treat them as you would a friend or business partner. Do not get stressed about KPIs such as AHT, only get stressed, if necessary, about the impression you leave in customers’ minds.

Thanks to Anna

14.    Other departments don’t understand their part in customer service

If the culture in the rest of the business is different from the service team, make sure everyone in your company understands the impact they have on the success of the business.

Show them how their actions affect the customer experience as well as the cost to the business.

Thanks to Victoria

15.    Keep in touch with the customer

Plus 1’s work for us.  A follow-up call or a box of chocolates, or a free trial of a paid feature.

Show that they are valued customer – a small token can make all the difference.

Thanks to Anneliese

reward-word-18516.    Share experiences through the company

My tip is for constant feedback throughout the complete customer service organisation.  Every employee is listened to, and experiences are shared throughout the company to improve processes.

Thanks to Bart

17.    Don’t dwell too much on speed

The right outcome is more important than a fast response – but that’s nice too!

18.    Act on feedback

Hardly any companies do – it seems like companies think that measuring the problem will solve it, but customers are won and lost one at a time.

19.    Senior managers should match words with behaviours

Customer-friendly words from the ‘top’ should be matched by personal behaviours and policies.

20.    Do what is right for the customer

Act first, analyse second.

Thanks to Guy

reward-18521.    Reward positive behaviour

When KPIs (key performance indicators) are good, the team is given a budget to do something fun (they pick it themselves).  If the KPIs are bad, the budget is zero.

Thanks to Tom

22.    Show that you care

Understand your customer’s business and show that you care when users are facing an issue.  Act with sympathy as well as fast and understandable solutions.

Thanks to Romeu

group-18523.    Use customer focus groups

Use customer focus groups to find out what the customers themselves think makes them satisfied.

24.    Set the right expectations

Be precise and clear in your Terms & Conditions and customer communication, so you control the expectations you create.  Keep your promises.

Thanks to Fredrik

Do you have any tips for improving customer satisfaction?  Please leave them in the comments box below.

Published On: 6th Feb 2013 - Last modified: 7th Dec 2016

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  1. Great Guide. Thanks

    Max 11 Feb at 9:25 pm
  2. as much as a appreciate this tips you have to understand that all companies have a different policy in treating their customers, im a team leader for the customer care of large mobile operator, every contact centre operator has to find a way between what the customer wants to hear and what he should hear and that is hard cuz most of the time the customer wants something we cant give especially when he is complaining

    bleron 23 Feb at 6:27 pm
  3. Agree with bleron – sometimes you have to be straight and honest with a customer or no one would get any thing done!

    Tara researching call offs 1 Mar at 11:52 pm
  4. Encourage the agents to smile when answering the phone…often makes the world of difference 🙂

    Jacqueline 3 Apr at 4:17 pm
  5. Tip #3 suggests speed is the most important thing in the world, due to twitter and facebook. Tip #17 suggests speed isn’t really that important. This makes the entire list look like nonsense.

    Alastor 21 Jun at 3:43 pm
  6. I’m not sure that the two are mutually exclusive.

    Speed is important, but not as the expense of quality – think pit stop in a Formula One race.

    jonty pearce 21 Jun at 3:50 pm
  7. Great tips for improving customer satisfaction. My favorite is being honest because I still believe that honesty is the best policy. Honesty gives our customers the security that they need to confidently do business with us.

    Entreb 4 Sep at 6:20 am
  8. Thanks

    Abid 7 Jan at 5:23 pm
  9. Hi, Thanks for this information. Yes! every center has its own policy however this is just only a tips it’s not necessary mean that every information written on this must be followed. credits to the author

    edgie 31 May at 7:54 pm
  10. Foster open communication. Put in place structured ways to communicate with you about their thoughts, feelings ECT

    Mutaka Musitafa 10 Dec at 5:00 pm
  11. Regard much on the first impression: The first impression is very important to customers. At the first time the customers should be received friendly since it is the major way for a customer to assess the overall services of the organization.

    zuhura juma abdalla 23 Dec at 5:37 am
  12. Excellent tips. Customer satisfaction can also be improved by providing customers with personalised experiences. It was found in a recent survey that 89% customers wouldn’t mind sharing their personal information with marketers in leiu of targeted content.

    To create these personalised experiences effortlessly, businesses use beacon technology. This technology makes it possible to create personalised experiences and deliver it to the customer’s phone.

    From retail to real estate, this technology is creating waves. It is predicted that in 2016, 85% businesses will be using beacon technology.

    Vibha Gaonkar 2 Jan at 9:23 am
  13. Nice article. Thanks.

    Here one point I would like to add.There are some basic rules to be followed for ending a chat session. You cant end that abruptly. Customers always want to be appreciated and well treated when they talk to the sales and support personnel. SO you should always keep it in mind.

    The basic etiquette before ending the conversation would be:

    1.Always sound polite and cheerful
    2. Don’t forget to thank your customer
    3. Make sure all their issues are resolved
    4. Good Bye should mean ‘Hear from you soon’
    5. End the chat in a more personalized way
    6. Let customer end the chat first

    Suvashree Bhattacharya 6 Apr at 2:29 pm
  14. Great article as long as we can use the elements which are fit with our business nature.
    and regarding the item of “On time Response” from my point of view it is an important item however the Quality of the action taken is the most important item.
    kindly share ideas from your perspective about how to achieve the Client Satisfaction.

    Nader Emad 25 Sep at 1:04 pm
  15. this website is bad didnt help

    bleach 8 Dec at 10:05 am
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