2024 Is Here! What to Look Out for This Year

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2024 is set to be another disruptive, exciting year for contact centres.

Which is why we asked technology providers ‘What’s New in 2024?’ to give you a sneak peek into their strategies, focuses, technological developments, and events to look out for as the year unfolds.

Managing Increased Volumes Will Be a Key Priority

With 81% of customers crying out for self-service and 99% of agents struggling with an increased volume of calls, it’s time to work smarter and more efficiently, which is why in 2024 the team at 8×8 will be:

  • Supporting customers with AI and automation to better manage increased volumes
  • Empowering contact centres to manage voice, AI, email and chat all in one place
  • And more…

For more information, watch Chris Angus explain What’s New at 8×8 in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Chris Angus, VP, EMEA Contact Centre Engagement, 8×8

Those Facing Resource Constraints Will Need to Work Smarter

2024 will see the continuing trend of contact centres being expected to do more with less. That’s why, for the team at Assembled, 2024 will be all about showcasing the breadth and depth of their support operations platform to help contact centres succeed, despite their ongoing resource constraints – thanks to products including:

  • Workforce Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Agent Assist

For more information, watch Ryan Wang explain What’s New at Assembled in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Ryan Wang, Co-Founder and CEO, Assembled

Finding ‘The Technology Balance’ Will Be Business Critical

The team at Contexta360 will be focusing on addressing the key challenges and opportunities in the contact centre, including:

  • The ongoing struggle with recruitment and retention
  • Keeping financial costs under control
  • Finding ‘The Technology Balance’ in a world of innovation
  • And more…

For more information, watch Andrew White explain What’s New at Contexta360 in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Andrew White, CEO, Contexta360

AI Will Find Its Use Case in High-Volume and Low-Value Calls

The team at Five9 are very excited that the products on the horizon with AI really will radically change the contact centre industry across 2024 and beyond, as:

  • Gartner says up to 80 billion dollars will be saved in agent labour costs by 2026
  • AI will find its use case in high-volume and low-value calls that are repetitive and monotonous
  • And more…

For more information, watch Chris Angus explain What’s New at Five9 in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Thomas John, Vice President, Partners, EMEA & International, Five9

Products Will Be Enhanced With AI, Machine Learning, and More

Across 2024, the team at injixo will be doubling down on their belief that AI isn’t just a hype, it’s a really powerful tool that can and will enhance human intelligence, thanks to:

  • Enhancing products with the latest technologies in AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, and operations research
  • New and upcoming releases – such as more tailored solutions in the fields of HR, automation, and employee empowerment
  • And more…

For more information, watch Jim Quiggins explain What’s New at injixo in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Jim Quiggins, CX Leader, injixo (InVision)

New Features and More In-Person Events to Look Out For

The team at MaxContact are very excited for a year of continued growth, including:

  • Expanding their international reach and partner ecosystem
  • Delivering more in-person events and new features
  • And more…

For more information, watch Ben Booth explain What’s New at MaxContact in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Ben Booth, CEO, MaxContact

AI-Driven Agent Feedback and Coaching on the Horizon

Following on from the remarkable advancement in AI across 2023, the team at MiaRec will be continuing to embrace its potential across 2024 and beyond to empower agents and supervisors to deliver an exceptional customer service, including:

  • Automatically scoring 100% of calls, providing a holistic view of agent performance
  • AI-driven agent feedback and coaching
  • And more…

For more information, watch Tatiana Polyakova explain What’s New at MiaRec in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

CX AI Will Create Optimal Outcomes for Customers

2024 will be the year of CX AI for NICE, as the team continue to build on the success of Enlighten – AI that’s purpose built for CX:

  • Trained on billions of interactions between consumers and agents
  • Pre-trained with hundreds of CX processes to create optimal outcomes for customers
  • And more…

For more information, watch Barry Cooper explain What’s New at NICE in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE

Disrupt 2024 Set to Explore Engagement Transformation

This year, the Sabio team are looking forward to their annual flagship conference – Disrupt 2024 – continuing to build on the disruptive theme, including:

  • How technology will be transforming the way that customers engage with organizations over the next decade
  • The shorter-term technology and regulatory changes coming into play
  • And more…

For more information, watch Stuart Dorman explain What’s New at Sabio in 2024 in the video below:

Contributed by: Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio

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