How Does CI Improve CX?


Brianna Van Tuinen at CallMiner explains how customer intelligence improves the customer experience.

How Does Customer Intelligence Improve the Customer Experience?

Customer data helps organizations to understand customers and deliver better outcomes. The intelligence collected through CallMiner is especially helpful in delivering a superior customer experience.

So, customers are continuously giving organizations feedback on their experiences.

Brianna Van Tuinen at CallMiner
Brianna Van Tuinen

For example, they might reach out to the customer service centre. CallMiner allows organizations to distil the noise from all those conversations down into critical insights that have the power to transform CX.

Whether that’s in the contact centre or across the organization, if you think about it, when you have trouble getting in to your online platform, what do you do? You reach out to the organization, maybe via online chat.

Or maybe you have trouble with a package not arriving on time or you’re receiving a defective product. You tend to call or email customer support or even leave a review on the website.

All of that information is feedback. It’s really critical information that when understood at scale, across all channels, across all customers, can really transform a business.

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Published On: 25th Apr 2023 - Last modified: 28th Apr 2023
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