Speed up Complaint Handling in a Multi-Channel Contact Centre


We asked our Twitter panel “What is the best way to speed up complaint handling in a multi-channel contact centre?”

John Thompson  @JohnThompsonJnr


Empower front-line colleagues to resolve complaints through up-skilling, authority levels and control

Cam Singleton @ContactCentreC


Make sure all systems are integrated across different channels/platforms.


Carolyn Blunt  @CarolynBlunt


Robotic ‘cut and paste’ responses just prolong arguments. Instead analyse common complaints and empower agents to resolve.

New Voice Media  @NewVoiceMedia


Tie all channel interactions to a contact so that regardless of who handles the case they’re aware of what happened before

Ultra Communications  @UltraComms


Be proactive. Contact customers with regard to issues that will affect them even before they’re aware of a problem

Richard Hall  @dougyhall


If complaints happen, keep processes simple with bias towards customer satisfaction. Trust customers and they’ll be back.

mplsystems  @mplSystems


Give agents the information they need on 1 user interface to enable them to access data to resolve complaints without delay

Richard Hall @dougyhall


Cut off complaints before they happen. Make the effort to get it right first time.


Azzurri  @AzzurriComms


Trust and empower agents to resolve as many issues as they can without having to continually escalate calls.

Sabio Sense  @sabiosense


Best way to speed up complaint handling is to drive the complaint to the chat channel #webchat

James Lawther @SquawkPoint


Do something about the complaints?


Magnetic North  @MN_Cloud


It’s important to understand why the problem happened so it can be avoided in the future. Make a note of lessons learnt.

Sian Ciabattoni  @NobleSystemsUK


Respond in the way the complaint was ‘voiced’. Train & empower your agents to ensure first contact resolution where possible

Rostrvm Solutions  @rostrvm


Meet the customer where they are, then solve the issue expediently…. pick up the phone and talk

Business Systems  @BSLHQ


Empower agents to solve problems and contact customers on their desired channel without supervisor intervention.

Azzurri @AzzurriComms


Use channel most appropriate to resolving complaint quickly i.e. don’t tweet a 30-minute conversation. Pick up the phone!

Richard Hall  @dougyhall


Record and measure as much as possible, to make sure 1 + 2 balance against profitability.

Magnetic North  @MN_Cloud


By integrating your channels with your CRM, agents should have the full details of a complaint at their fingertips

Rostrvm Solutions  @rostrvm


However they contacted you, if you have a number, phone them – it’s the quickest way to resolve complaints.

What do you think is the best way to speed up complaint handling in a multi-channel contact centre?

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Published On: 24th Sep 2014 - Last modified: 26th Feb 2019
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