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In a customer service environment, the language that we use can have a huge impact on how the customer perceives the service. In a sales environment this is even more critical. Here Pinaz Hansotia has pulled together the top 25 positive words and phrases that we can use to improve our customer interactions.

Good things DO come in small packages

These little words should win medals, as adding any one of them into your conversation has the potential to transform average customer service into great customer service.

positive-185Positive Words

  1. Definitely
  2. Surely
  3. Absolutely
  4. Certainly
  5. Fantastic

Example Use

•    I definitely will make sure that it gets sorted…
•    You will surely be able to enjoy…
•    I absolutely agree…
•    I can certainly help you…
•    That is a fantastic alternative…

Some extras to use; Especially, Exactly, Marvellous, Delightful, Reassure

If you want to learn more about the power of word choice, follow our links below:

speech-bubbles-185Everyday phrases

As a call centre representative, it is your job to make the customer feel at ease from the minute you say “hello”. Good use of these phrases will help to reassure your customer that you are the life-saving, sympathetic ear that they hoped for.

6. “Rest assured Mr……”
7. “I do understand the inconvenience you have faced……”
8. “I will be more than glad/ happy to assist you….”
9. “I completely understand the reason why / your situation….”
10. “I will ensure that…”
11. “What I will do for you right away is……”
12. “I assure you I will try my best…..”
13. “What I can do for you right now is ….”
14. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced, what I can do for you is ….”

speaking-185For some phrases dos and don’ts, follow our links below:

•    The five phrases a call centre manager SHOULD use
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Advise… don’t patronise

It can be difficult to tell a customer what they need to do without coming across as patronising, especially when dealing with technical complaints. Yet incorporating these phrases into your vocabulary can help you to overcome this and create a more positive customer experience.

15. “I would suggest / I recommend…..”
16. “To avoid a similar inconvenience in future I request you to….”

From A to B with a smile

mouth-speaking-185When giving out over-the-phone instructions, it is your job to make the process as easy as possible. Try weaving the following phrases into your conversation to help your customer get from A to B with a smile on their face.

17. “All you need to do is to just….”
18. “A simple way / method to change it will be to…..”
19. “As soon as you receive…”

Smooth Selling

Whilst dealing with a customer complaint, it may also be part of your job to sell up other areas of the business. Here are some useful phrases to help you seal the deal.

20. “You will ONLY be charged…..”
21. “We have a variety of …..’
22. “It’s a wonderful service where instead of _______, you can ____________ …..’
23. “This is the best plan/scheme for your requirements…..’
24. “For just £_____. …you can…..”
25. “For Special customers like you…..”

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Have you discovered any other positive words and phrases that work for you?  If so, please add them in to the comments box below.

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Comments on: The Top 25 positive words and phrases

It will help a lot those who are working in customer service. thanks.

Posted by Arefin — 12 Dec @ 3:57 am

Customer is not always right! What is right is “Customer is always First!”

Posted by Pedro — 4 Jan @ 2:16 pm

I can understand the gravity of the situation.

Posted by Rakesh — 5 Jan @ 7:41 pm

This has been helpful I will surely be using these phases need them to improve

Posted by Dineo — 18 Mar @ 7:07 pm

It is truly helpful ad CSR. Thanks

Posted by Rosaldo jamero — 19 Mar @ 2:08 am

thanks its works

Posted by Garry — 22 Mar @ 3:07 pm

very helpful for 1st time call center agent like me :)

Posted by pogi — 1 Apr @ 8:23 pm

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