6 Games to Liven up the Contact Centre

Whether inbound or outbound, call centre games that agents can play whilst working, can help to significantly boost morale.

Here are six fun ideas that will help you to do so.

1. The “bookings ball” game

Introduce a “bookings ball” to your contact centre.

The ball – which could be anything from a tennis ball to an inflatable beach ball – is passed from agent to agent as and when a booking or sale is secured (so the last person to have made a sale is always the person holding the ball).

While this is going on, set an egg timer in your desk drawer (in secret). When it goes off, the person holding the ball wins a prize.

Reset the timer after each prize is given for the game to continue throughout the day.

With thanks to Karen

2. The “postcode bingo” game

A game which is easy to play while agents are taking calls is “postcode bingo”.

Agents are all given bingo cards but, rather than having numbers on them, they have postcodes. For example, SA (Swansea), NN (Northampton).


You can download our free ‘bingo card’ template here.

The agents then cross the postcodes off their scorecard as and when they speak to a customer who lives in that area.

You can then give out a prize to the first agent who achieves a ‘full house’.

[Editor’s note: Get your agents to record the time and date of the ‘winning’ calls so that they can easily be found and listened to when verifying the results.]

With thanks to Mike

3. The “customer experience” game

Here is a good idea to help encourage your agents to enhance the customer experience during a call.

Give each agent a sheet with a list of things that add value to the customer experience (such as advising them of other products or capturing contact details) – and place tick boxes next to each item.

Throughout the day, agents can then tick the relevant boxes as and when they perform those actions on a call. The catch being that only one tick can be added per customer, so agents can’t fill in their whole card on the first call of the day.

When they have ticked off the entire list, they can exchange their sheet for a raffle ticket (and get a new sheet). The tickets are then entered into a draw at the end of the day/week/month.

With thanks to Alison

4. The “customer compliments” game

Here is a simple game that you can run all year round, with very little effort.

Every time an agent receives a customer compliment, they are rewarded with a box of chocolates or bottle of wine.

To make it a bit more competitive, you could keep a running total of the number of compliments each agent receives. You can then offer a more extravagant prize for the agent who has received the most compliments by the end of the year.

With thanks to Karen

5. The “baseball quality scores” game

Here is a good idea to help you to improve your agents’ quality scores.

For one month every year, run a “baseball” competition where agents are able to gain home runs or runs based on their quality scores.

At the end of the month, the agent with the most can either be rewarded with tickets to a local baseball game, or a gift card (if baseball is not their thing).

The theme of the game can also be altered to accommodate rugby, football or tennis fans, depending on the time of year and interests of the agents.

With thanks to Annette

6. The “gold rush” game

Here is a game to play during big sporting events like the FA Cup or Grand Prix.

During the chosen tournament, allocate a sports player, team or country to each of your agents (depending on the size of your contact centre).

Keep a record of every gold medal that is won or goal that is scored. The team with the most “gold” at the end wins.

[Editor’s note: To further boost morale, consider showing the relevant games on TV screens on the contact centre floor.]

With thanks to Cathy

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What games do you play to liven up your contact centre?

Published On: 8th Oct 2014 - Last modified: 13th Oct 2017
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  1. This is a great idea , we are definitely going to play ..

    Wendy Bredenhann 9 Oct at 12:43 pm
  2. I like the idea of these games in the call center and I will be using a couple of them to boost engagement of the employees.

    Shirley Thompson 9 Oct at 2:58 pm
  3. Great for a Sales team. While agents are taking calls they
    are all given bingo cards but, rather than having numbers on them, they have the products/Services that you offer. I like to challenge my team & give everyone an opportunity to wind by reusing the cards through out the day for different games. At the end of the day that same card is played for “blackout” all squares filled for a grand prize.

    Marian 16 Oct at 3:03 am
  4. I like playing initial squares. I draw a 10×10 grid on whiteboard that all agents can see / have access to. Each sale/booking team members put their initials in a square. When all the squares are gone they can then steal squares from other agents. at the end of the day you then reveal to them which squares were chosen to be prizes. you could even slip in a forfeit square. I tend to choose 5 to be prizes, and give subtle hints as to which ones they are, which encourages them to get that square.

    Jonathan 11 Jul at 12:22 pm
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