What is Speech Analytics?

MJ Johnson at CallMiner, David Samuel at Contexta360, and Sean McIver at MaxContact explain what speech analytics is.

What Is Speech Analytics?

MJ Johnson (CallMiner)

MJ Johnson at CallMiner

MJ Johnson

Speech analytics is essentially a tool, typically driven by artificial intelligence. This software tool does a couple of things. First, it listens to voice-based conversations, typically between a customer and your business. And second, it identifies and extracts insights from those conversations that otherwise might be lost and can be useful to a business in making decisions.

David Samuel (Contexta360)

David Samuel at Contexta360

David Samuel

Speech analytics adds that element of automatically analysing all your conversations. And then by using smart scripting, AI, and other sort of ‘smarts’, you can identify insights and other areas of interest. You can categorize them and combine them with other knowledge sources. And that makes them more intelligible and actionable.

Sean McIver (MaxContact)

It allows you primarily to understand customer behaviour in a more intuitive way. And on the other side, it also allows you to monitor agent behaviour and understand what some of those triggers may be.
Sean McIver at MaxContact

Sean McIver

So, for example, you may be able to assess that Jo Bloggs, my agent on the phone, was having challenges with that customer that came across because he had lots of delays, he used lots of uncertainty in his tonality, and his timbre changed, the way in which he spoke to the customer changed. And you can use that as a training mechanism. If you are looking for more great video insights from the experts, check these out these videos next:
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Published On: 31st May 2022 - Last modified: 15th Nov 2023
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