Training Cheat Sheet – Handling Difficult Customers


Dealing with difficult customers and callers on the phone is not easy and handling them sufficiently, to maintain loyalty, requires relevant training in the call centre.

Consequently, we have had a number of requests from our readers to provide more training materials.  We are lucky to have been supplied with a number of training cheat sheets by Rob Wilkinson of Call Centre Connect.

The first in the series is a cheat sheet on Handling Difficult customers.

It covers topics such as how to get customers to calm down, dealing with difficult calls, creating a lasting impression and presenting solutions in a positive way.

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These cheat sheets are all available in a downloadable Microsoft Word format so that you can customise them for use in your contact centre.

This has kindly been supplied by Rob Wilkinson

Published On: 30th Nov 2011 - Last modified: 6th Aug 2020
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  • Some agents when they deal with unhappy callers realize some exercise to help to change their point of view (literally). They just stand up to help their own brain to change their perspective and it seems quite effective. I’m not really sure how but callers feel the change and seems that conversation tone relax after few seconds. I guess is a psychological effect that is reflected through the phone line.

    Silvia Planella 3 Dec at 1:27 pm
  • Hi there
    I am wondering if you can assist me with advising call centre agents who to handle “serial callers”. Those that call upto 7 times a day with the simplest of questions/queries. Profile – elderly, female, rate payer. I would love some suggestions on how to stop her calling and how to best cut the call short without offending her or going against company policy. Help!!!! Scripting would be great if you have something (obviously it will be personalised).

    Janine 28 May at 7:03 am
  • The repeat callers are wasting the companies time like the company wastes the time of the customers. The serial callers will stop calling once their service contract is up. I think companies should change their behavior before consumers ban together and black list them enmas.

    Paul 24 Apr at 7:23 pm
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